Emma Rager, part 1

Seeing as I've been married for three months now, I figured it was about time to share some of the pictures from that weekend that I've been selfishly hoarding on my iPhone (sorry for the quality crash). Here are photos from the most fun girls' night out planned by my incredible maid of honor sister, Camille. 

Step 1 / Dinner and drinks at Two Ten Jack, my favorite Asian fusion restaurant. 

Step 2 / The Saint Johns concert at the Basement East. (Camille had lead me to believe that I had figured out the secret plan, which was to go on the pedal tavern - which I loathe after having worked downtown and hearing the woo girls pedal past at all ungodly hours of the afternoon and evening. Fortunately, it was all a rouse). 

Step 3 / House party at a killer AirBNB in West Nashville, complete with Pinterest-level flamingo and tropical decor and a handmade fringe photo background.

Step 4 / SLEEP. 

I know, I know. This alone would have constituted the best bachelorette bash ever. BUT there's even more. Stayed tuned for part two!