I'm California native turned Nashville local. I write songs, study how people learn, and design graphics.

SONGWRITER | I write everything from pop to country. I often write first-person fiction and I aim to write music that feels true to some part of your story. And yes, I have a policy that I must play you one original song if you ask.

STUDENT | I am a Ph.D. student in Learning and Design and Comparative Media Analysis and Practice at Vanderbilt University. Pray for me.

DESIGNER | I am the Creative Communications Director for Tirzah International (my fave) and do freelance graphic and print design.  


what else?


I married Jackson Elliott Reimers on October 15, 2016 and it was hands-down the best decision ever.

(Getting our dog Potato was a close second, though).

I'm constantly tripping over my faults and getting better at asking for help and receiving forgiveness. Mostly, we laugh a lot. Oh, did I mention we're actually both in that Ph.D. program? Yep. We're clearly crazy.

The 'Vendetta' in my name comes from my grandfather (aka my hero), whose family name was changed on paper to VanDetta back in the '30s. Or so we thought until we found his birth certificate with the original spelling. You could say we're Italian.

I lack hand-eye coordination, type loudly, travel often, enjoy midnight breakfast, and my hair is occasionally pink.

Let's be friends.