A note from the artist

Twenty-sixteen was a blur in more ways than one; for some of us - myself included - (e)motion(al) sickness has accompanied. Thank you for bearing with me in the Season of Waiting. So much I have been waiting for has arrived: a new life with my love Jackson, a new home, a new name, and new music. Twenty-seventeen presents the opportunity to truly devote forty hours each week to tending the garden of music God's placed in my soul. I am grateful for each drop of encouragement in Season of Waiting and will expect as much pruning and growing in the Season of Newness. May we cultivate lives worthy of great song and may the songs I write honor the experiences of your life.




On "Darker Days" + Bright Was the Night

Fifteen years of classical violin training and many summers of fiddle camp have added a notable folk sound to her songs, often labeled "pop folk."  Her compositions are marked with charming melodies, witty wordplay, whimsical instrumentation, and rhythm-driven piano and guitar. Her first single, "Darker Days," released under the name Emma Grager in 2012 during her sophomore year of college, was well-received by her local community, earning it a place at the Vanderbilt Commencement Ceremony that spring. Bright Was The Night, an eclectic EP, included the single and four more unique tracks from her song wheelhouse. As a first effort, Emma feels this represents the initial mile marker on her road of musical independence: it's imperfect, personal, novice, and true. She wouldn't have it any other way. 

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