Emma Vendetta

has been trying to keep up with life between graduating college, moving, changing jobs, and getting married.

is a Nashville-dwelling, California-native singer-songwriter.

lacks hand-eye coordination, types loudly, travels often, and enjoys midnight breakfast.

hopes her music feels true to some part of your story.

On "Darker Days" + Bright Was the Night

Fifteen years of classical violin training and many summers of fiddle camp have added a notable folk sound to her songs, often labeled "pop folk."  Her compositions are marked with charming melodies, witty wordplay, whimsical instrumentation, and rhythm-driven piano and guitar. Her first single, "Darker Days," released under the name Emma Grager in 2012 during her sophomore year of college, was well-received by her local community, earning it a place at the Vanderbilt Commencement Ceremony that spring. Bright Was The Night, an eclectic EP, included the single and four more unique tracks from her song wheelhouse.