Mix It Up: Dynamic Duos

Today’s reblog falls into a special category. I’m an avid photography fan and amateur point-and-shooter myself. One of the best ways I can improve my own photography is by shamelessly stalking photographers who have incredible work in their portfolio. The trick is that good photographers know how to establish a good team. They work with designers and stylists and sometimes even realtors and small business owners.

Sometimes, the best teams are family. I have several favorite photographer duos and tag-team efforts, including Clark and Caroline Brewer. She styles the shoot, he takes the photos.

Nisolo Shoes-03.jpg
Nisolo Shoes-05-5.jpg

I originally found Caroline’s (and Clark’s) work when I was looking through photos of my favorite musicians for photo shoot inspiration. Caroline styled her friend Ben Rector for a very well photographed concert with NEEDTOBREATHE this past year, and, after a few click-throughs, I was hooked on her site.

Ben Rector in Billy Reid.jpg

Check out the Clarks’ collaborative work:

Nisolo Shoes-05-3.jpg
Provence Photography_01.jpg