News and Noms: Mango Waffles with Lilikoi Butter

Welcome back, Wednesday! My tummy is happy to see this morning because it means more tropical waffles.


Mango Waffles: 

  • one half cup vanilla greek yogurt
  • one egg
  • two Tablespoons butter
  • one mango, pureed
  • one-quarter cup orange juice
  • one cup flour
  • one-quarter teaspoon salt
  • two teaspoons baking powder
  • three tablespoons of sugar
  • half mango, diced
  • half mango, sliced
  • one banana, sliced
  • lilikoi butter, preferably acquired from your Hawaiian “uncle” Kimokeo

1//Combine greek yogurt, egg, butter, mango puree, and orange juice in a large bowl and mix with a whisk/2//Add flour, salt, baking powder, and sugar, and mix with a whisk/3//Add diced mango to bowl and mix in/4//Pour onto waffle iron and prepare to be very happy/5//When waffles are done, top them with sliced mango, sliced banana, and pour on that lilikoi butter.


And sometimes when you are working on a blog post about waffles on a Wednesday morning (and you are also hoping to eat these waffles), your friend’s dad/your boss calls to say that there’s a ceremonial Hawaiian blessing of the ground where a well pump will be installed and you’ve got ten minutes until you’re picked up.

So if that happens, I suggest the following:

1//Shovel as much of the waffle on the plate into your mouth as you can in ninety seconds/2//Drop everything and put on normal clothes instead of your yoga pants/3//Lace up your Timberlands that make you feel like a ghetto hiking boss/4//Grab your Nikon 5100 and run out to the car/5//Film the incredible tradition that your are absolutely humbled to witness/6//Reconsider the relationship between man and earth as God intended it to be and say a thank you to Jesus for leaving earth for a bit to make an even better place/7//Work for a few more hours and then return to posting about waffles.