To the Full: Island Life

Taste: Every Saturday morning, a group of local Lana`i residents collect at Dole Park (aptly named considering the Pineapple Island’s history) to sell their homegrown veggies. Sun and I got there promptly at 8 am to get the literal cream of the crop. After being laughed at by some elderly community members for our confusion over indistinguishable vegetables that looked like ridged cucumbers, we purchased some heirloom tomatoes, pearl onions, and said unknown cucumbery thing. (We also acquired two limes, which we were given gratis after being the local laughing stock).


Some later Google-ing informed us that the vegetable we had purchased was – no joke – loofa. Yes, like the thing you have in your bathtub. It’s actually a common component of many Asian stirfries. Who knew? Needless to say, neither Sunee nor I have been trained in the art of loofa and have yet to cook the thing. We did, however, make a beyond delicious mango avocado salsa with our other purchases of the day.



Hear: Lana`i had what they deemed a ukelele “festival” this weekend, which basically meant that they brought in a bunch of talented musicians and had them play different sets around the island for 72 hours straight. Apparently Saturday night at the Lodge at Koele was a bit of a rager, complete with a cultural drum line and crazy dancing people. I, alas, was at a sake dinner Saturday and could not attend. My brunch at the Lodge the following Sunday, though, was nicely complemented by the trailing sounds of the last day of the Lana`i Ukelele festival.


See: We have been two exactly two sunrise beach yoga sessions at this point. Let’s just say we’re gonna strategize so we don’t get the same crazy lady from this morning ever again. Yikes. My arms hurt, folks. But still. There’s nothing quite like focusing your breathing and meditating on God’s love for you as expressed through creation while watching the sun peek over the ocean.


Smell: Besides the mangoes, pineapples, avocados, and salsa (and notloofa) I’ve been eating, I have also consumed, of late, an incredible amount of raw fish. Don’t worry. I did my homework and, because of where the fish is coming from and how far down on the food chain it is and the fact that I’m not preggo, I’m set. The poke mart is by far the best lunch spot in town. You can smell the raw fish from a block away.


Touch: I’ll be writing more about these cute lit’l fellas later, but these horses definitely took the cake for “touch” this week. Y’all. I hugged a horse. It was amazing. They are beautiful creatures. And please note that I did not change the saturation of the colors in these photos.