Mix It Up: The Londoner

It’s a whirlwind kind of year, y’all. I just got back from a tiny Pacific Island, and it just gets crazier from there. 

In case you’re having trouble keeping track (like I am), here’s the calendar:

Kenya – July 25th-August 3rd

Texas – August 8th-August 11th

London – September 13th – December 15th

In preparation for London, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. I’ve got a working grocery list, several old school maps, a couple of giant historically inspired novels, my fair share of Brit Lit II knowledge, and, obviously, some new style icons. 

Today’s repost comes from the most popular blog in all of London, appropriately named The Londoner. Once you get over the luxurious life that this girl leads (and you never will), it doesn’t take long to oo and aw at the fun things she gets to do for a living. 

…like casually reclining on yachts at fancy banquets. 


Yeah, it’s whatever.


But at the same time, she’s your average fun-loving young lady. She drinks Starbucks just like the rest of us.



Check out The Londoner and see my inspiration for all things British.