Out on the Town: City Love

In my few days home between Lana`i and Kenya, I got to spend some quality time with the little sis. Camille is the bomb. If you’re going to TCU next year, you better look out for this chick. Hunt her down and make her your bff. She’ll handle your wardrobe, your boy drama, your lunch menu, and your English exam if you give her about an hour. I am so proud to call her my smalls.



Even in the summer, the chaos never stops. Part of Camille’s chaos is having the greatest job ever: chauffeuring and chilling with the coolest nine-year-old on the planet. I got to tag along on Camille’s work day and drive to Marin. After Camille clocked out, we headed over to La Boulange in Strawberry Village in Mill Valley for brunch and a caffeine boost.



We followed that up with a drive around the Presidio, a walk through the city, and a foggy Gold Gate bridge crossing. Isn’t this a beautiful, shiny city? I’m a fan, to say the least. Even in the fog, it’s lovely sight.