To the Full: Sunrise

 “Sunrise and Cinnamon Rolls” my alarm politely reminded me at 4:45 am.This morning, Sunee and I set out on a sunrise adventure.


See: I’m going for the obvious factor here – the sunrise itself. The sun peeking over the canyons of Koiliki Ridge, peering between the clouds over the water. Pure visual bliss.


Taste: Cinnamon rolls, coffee, and fresh pineapple in the morning. The island life is a good one!


Smell: (This one sounds crazier than it actually is, I promise.) The morning. Morning time smells different than the rest of the day. It smells clean. It smells warm and cool at the same time. It smells like clarity.


Touch: I got some dirt in my shoe when I first stepped onto the ridge to watch the sunrise. I looked down, thought about brushing it off, looked out at the horizon, and then heard a whisper. There’s a long history of shoe-removal at holy places. The beautiful earth itself, especially at the hour of 5:50 am, is a holy place my Creator made. So the shoes came off and stayed off, and I dug my heels into the red dirt.


Hear: While we did play some soft Ben Howard tunes as a background to our writing and reading, the true soundtrack of the sunrise is the song of the island birds and the wind brushing through the pines.


A sunrise is a good reminder to live in gratitude. Every spot of earth reminded me to be grateful for each breath I take: the cloud we drove through on our way to the ridge, the sunlight spilling onto the land, the crisp air.

Side note: feel free to open and download any of those beautiful sunrise pictures and set it as your desktop background. Maybe it’ll be a reminder of how much there is to be grateful for with each new day. (They’re high quality pictures, I promise).