Mix It Up: Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

Today I bring you a true treat: Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. 



I first started following Jamie’s blog religiously (haha) after reading her post about sex. Yes. You heard me right. SEX.

Jamie is a mom of three teenage boys, a wife, a fashionista, a writer, a friend to many, and – above all – a girl totally in love with her Creator. Her voice is strong, sassy, honest, and refreshing. Jamie has a no-bullshit policy when it comes to talking about the hard stuff in life and loving all of the people she meets in it. I aspire to write with the genuine compassion and lightning-fast wit that Jamie does. I’ll stop summarizing now and invite you to read some of her own words. You’ll quickly see that all of my gushing was unnecessary; Jamie’s blog is captivating without any praise or sales pitch. 

Some of my favorites from Jamie’s blog:

ONE: Sex. (If you are a human being, you need to read this).

          Teaser: “To top it off, we’ve done a really bad job of teaching about sex in the Church. Our approach has been to shame girls for having it, and shame boys for wanting it. And when the smart kids ask, “Why wait?”, we shrug our shoulders like a hillbilly and say, “Because the Bible says.” Then we give the girls a purity ring and we give the boys nothing and we cross our fingers and hope they’ll cross their legs. So dumb.”

          Agree? Keep reading. Part one and Part two

TWO: The Big Ask: How can I help fight human trafficking and slavery?

         Teaser: “Maile” was her name, and she’d only been there for three days. Now. Everything in me wanted to jump up and scream, “THIS IS TOTALLY A VICTIM OF TRAFFICKING!!! QUICK! LET’S GRAB HER!!!” - But I kept up appearances, as instructed to “just party”. Because that’s what the beginning of rescue looks like — it looks like average, every day dudes going to strip clubs and gay bars and brothels looking for a good time, when, in actuality, they’re super badass mofo’s looking for underage sex workers and victims of trafficking.

          Sound like something you want to do? Join in.


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