To the Full: Dipsea Day

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See: The Dipsea Trail near Mount Tamalpais is breath-taking. Mom and I picked a perfect day for our hike, sunny and 90 degrees. While we admittedly could have used a little bit of breeze by the half-way point of the trip, it was still a delightful walk through the wilderness. Here’s a little piece of the view we had on the mountainside.


Taste: We picked a yummy spot for lunch based on a review in this month’s Sunset magazine called The Lunch Box. This little place offers to-go sammies and snackies that are ideal for hikers like us. Suggestion though: drive to the Lunch Box and park there, then walk part way up the trail and then back down. Trust us; this is much easier than the six mile route we took. Mom and I split a “Porky Pig” sandwich, stuffed with pork loin, apple radicchio slaw, whole grain mustard and melted swiss cheese on soft French roll. And check out the little ivy cove we found to have our picnic! I was officially a happy camper at Stinson beach once I had my chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve.  In short, I am SO grateful for good eats.


Smell: The ocean. Duh.


Touch: We climbed across a few trees; most chopped and prepared as bridges, one not so much. I also may or may not have a problem with mindlessly pulling leaves off of plants as I pass them. Like, wherever I go. Even at Vandy. The struggle is real. Leaftomaniac.


Hear: Again, the ocean. Duh.


Also, look how cute my mommy is! She’s a gem. Thanks for a great day, MomMom.

Love and lunch boxes,


P.S. Hey you, take a hike! Click here to get some more info on hiking theDipsea Trail.

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