Mix It Up: Cross the Pond



I've crossed the pond. It's made some not so small differences in my life:

1. Internet is limited (what's wrong with this nation?!)

2. Everything is expensive...and the dollar is weak...so weak

3. My time is split between the lovely London and courses at UCL (4th best university in the world, arguably the best English program), and traveling everywhere I can possibly go without getting into debt in the next three months.

4. I'm now 8 hours ahead of my California home and 6 hours ahead of my Nashy timezoners. This makes everything far more interesting. Late nights and early mornings, people. That's the way we like it. Also, my body also hates me for travelling on TEN 5+ hour plane rides in the last month. Talk about jet-lag.

5. Trying to coordinate my EP release WAY more complicated than it was in the first place. Part of that is due to the wonderful invention of a little thing called the Mellodi.

You will be hearing more about this music innovation in days to come.

For now, just know that it's a project my friend/producer Branden Sanders has been working on with all of his brain power and all of his time for the last year and it's going to change the way that you - especially you college kids- discover new music. New music like my Bright Was The Night EP.

(And yes, I am ACUTELY aware that it is no longer summer, thus this is no longer a summer EP. Trust me when I say that I am devastated that I could not get the music to you yet, but that a series of difficult decisions has led me to believe that this was the absolute best option to broaden the spectrum of listeners for the record and to truly give the album the attention it deserves. Oh yeah, and to be a full-time student and employee and 20-year-old girl. That too.)

6. Life is beautiful and chaotic and messy and frazzled. And I'm in the middle of it. I will be shifting away from the regular blog format in some ways in order to accommodate this London life and tell you about all the amazing experiences I am having.

So for now,

Dear you,

Thanks for hanging in there with me, encouraging me, buying my music, sharing it with your friends, reading my rants (blogs?), checking out my pictures, letting me know that I'm not a crazy person for thinking that I can actually do this - any of this! moving to London for a term, writing and recording my own songs, becoming an early graduate student - and for being who you are in my life.

I am your biggest fan.

Love and London,




PS Pinkies up, people! 

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