how to / valentine's day nails


I will never have long nails. As a musician, that's a fact I made my peace with long ago. But short nails can be fun colors too!

Don't let all those Pinterest DIYs scare you with their perfect airbrushed designs and hand models (Zoolander, anyone?) You don't need fabulously long nails or glitter hearts to celebrate what we all know is really a fictional holiday (one that I love dearly, at that). 

This year, I got bored of the bold red. Yes, it's a classic. But I wanted something a little more fun, and, let's be honest, something that I could easily replicate using my non-dominant hand.

Alternate bright pink and orange-ish red. Let dry (even though waiting for nails to dry is the worst), and swipe white Xs on the pinks and careful Os on the reds. Et voi-la! Make sure you add a top coat to set in the Xs and Os; the white chips and cracks pretty easily otherwise.

Now you're ready for your fancy date night with your bf, or (if you're me) gal-entine's day chocolate and movie fest.*

*cue Beyonce's "Single Ladies"