Apparently, I've been cupid since the start. I found this picture of three-year-old Emma on my mom's Facebook page. Thanks, Mom. While I can't take any direct credit for specific current relationships besides my own, I would say I've got a pretty good eye for who works with whom. I was also the go-to friend for relationship advice throughout middle school and high school.  Put that on my resume, huh? I'd say that's pretty impressive for a girl who deliberately denied the dating scene until college. 


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Regardless, as I am a truly devoted fan of snail mail for any occasion, I send out valentines to some of my lovely friends each year. Here are some of this year's designs.

I even made a valentine for you! Click on my "Be Mine, Valentine" design below and download the printable to send little love notes to all your pals. There is a 4-up version that make flat cards and a 2-up version that make folded cards!

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, I think Valentine's Day gives us a wonderful excuse to celebrate all types of love: friendship, companionship, sisterhood, etc. The term "significant other" should not be limited to the person you date; we all have an "other" who is significant in our lives and February 14th is a great day to thank them for the love they pour into our existence. If you're one of those people who thinks that this is a Hallmark-invented holiday, I'd like to invite you to consider that we've declared official days for many smaller things than LOVE so we probably would have found some other day and some other reason or minor saint suited to the celebration. I'd say LOVE is pretty monumental. 

My love for Valentine's Day and my appreciation for it as a day to celebrate all love - romantic or otherwise - comes from my childhood. I grew up receiving presents from my mom on Valentine's Day as a special symbol of her love for me. My top love language is gifts, after all, so her gesture really sank in. She still sends me THE BEST care packages on February 14th every year. Here's this year's. Embossed, personalized stationary? WHAT. She really outdid herself this year. 

May your OpenTable points be sky high, your roses perfectly red, and your chocolate caramel filled!