Real, actual vacation


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of traveling to Hilton Head with some of my close friends to spend some time in the sand and the waves (and swim with a shark - oops!). For context, you should know that until Hilton Head, I hadn't been on vacation in six years. This is not to say I haven't traveled. 

In my book, there are three different kinds of travel: a visit, a trip, and a vacation. (B-b-b-but what about when I built houses in Mexico?! Ok, fine. Four including service trips). 

Most times, there is an overlap between these categories, a venn diagram. Your visit to a cousin's house for Thanksgiving has a bit of a trip feel to it when you spend one day in the city exploring and sight-seeing. But VACATION. Pure, unadulterated, genuine vacation? Wowee. She's a rare bird with a splendid song.

My friend Isaac prayed for our time to be filled with "strategic resting." Naturally, this made the rest of us giggle. Still, while his phrasing may seem lofty, I was praying and hoping for the same. I wanted my time away - away from work, away from the mundane tasks of maintaining a home, away from the endless to-do list - to be rejuvenating. And let me tell you: it was just that. 



Hope your summer has had some pockets of rest and relaxation!




Emma VendettaComment