My research examines the intersection of place, sound, and narrative identity in non-traditional learning environments like museums, streets, and libraries.



I study how people learn.

I’m in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Learning Environment Design (LSLED)  and Comparative Media Analysis and Practice (CMAP).

Whew. That’s a mouthful.

Here’s what Vanderbilt has to say about LSLED.

And here’s more on CMAP.

My interests

I am interested in leveraging critical sound media to understand how stories of people and places shape each other. Centering my work on a trio of theories - situated learning, narrative identity, and critical media - I ask questions like:

  • How does environment afford or constrain interaction?

  • How are learners interacting with media, especially sound,  to make sense of themselves and their surroundings?

  • How might we design digital media for learners to narrate self and place?

  • How might people and places be co-shaped to create dignity, belonging, and equity?

I work with Dr. Corey Brady and Dr. Kevin Leander. I am currently working on the BLUES project with Dr. Rogers Hall, where we are partnering with a community music museum in the historic music district of North Nashville on Jefferson Street to investigate questions of public history, palimpsest, sound, and storytelling.

I’m constantly curious about the ideas of learning on the move, building institution-community research partnerships, examining learning outside of classroom settings, and considering how we can use various media in research design, analysis, and presentation.