I'm Emma. I am creative, assertive, imaginative, and inventive.

Here's what I've done in the past few years, summarized on a single sheet of paper. I've had a some interesting jobs that have taught me valuable skills, taken me to incredible places, and connected me with lovely, hard-working individuals. 

Following my résumé, I've included some information from two strength and personality tests. Though no test can truly capture all the facets of an individual's personality, some strengths assessment tools have been developed and proven quite helpful in identifying general personality patterns. 

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strengths finder

1. Ideation

2. Individualization

3. Activator

4. Maximizer

5. Adaptability

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creative / insightful / inspiring / convincing / decisive / determined / passionate / altruistic

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I hope this information helps you understand where I may be coming from as we collaborate and inspires you to reflect on your own career journey and to investigate your own strengths!