is part of how I move through the world. It feels like breathing to me. (This is not to say breathing is an easy thing).

I write across many genres - pop, folk, country, blues, and americana are at the top of my list.

While I’m a multi-instrumentalist, my main training is classical violin. I grew up spending summers between the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Fiddle Kids. When a jazz teacher couldn’t be found, I joined the church band to learn improvisation. My piano and guitar are self-taught and sloppy, but enough to get out the tune in my head.

Music is a way we can communicate with each other. It’s a medium that is magically more than the sum of its parts.

I’m currently not in pursuit of a publishing deal as I prefer to retain the complete rights to my material for the time being. I hope to see a shift in this industry in the future that will provide a path forward in publishing — to valuing authorship, valuing women, valuing difference. That said, I am always looking for opportunities to branch out creatively and collaborate with those in the industry.

I’d love to connect and share what I’ve been working on these last few years!